Online Singing Meditation / Chanting

  • Do you like Singing?
  • Or do you think you can’t sing?
  • Are you unable to meditate but would you like to?
  • Do you also have a head that does not stop with thinking?
  • Do you have a problem to keep still or to stay silent?
  • Are you feeling alone and/or do you want to do something together?”?

Every day at 9.30 AM CEST, that is at 09.30 in Western Europe I will go online for one hour of Singing Meditation.
You will be singing with a group using Zoom to make connection.

Free introduction-session Online Singing Meditation at 6th of May at 11.00 am. More info or ask for Zoom-link (in Dutch)

Untill now it is all in Dutch, but a English version will start soon.

Join the Online Singing Meditation Challenge at this page (still in Dutch)