Online Singing Meditation / Chanting

  • Do you like Singing?
  • Or do you think you can’t sing?
  • Are you unable to meditate but would you like to?
  • Do you also have a head that does not stop with thinking?
  • Do you have a problem to keep still or to stay silent?
  • Are you feeling alone and/or do you want to do something together?”?

Every day at 9.30 AM CEST, that is at 09.30 in Western Europe I will go online for one hour of Singing Meditation / Kirtan-Mantra.
You will be singing with a group using Zoom to make connection.

Free introduction-session Online Singing Meditation at 6th of May at 11.00 am. More info or ask for Zoom-link (in Dutch)

Untill now it is all in Dutch, but in time there will be an English version also.

Join the Online Singing Meditation Challenge at this page (in Dutch).