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Radha en Krishna
Baby- en jonge Krishna / Baby- and young Krishna
Meer Krishna (aanrader) / More Krishna (interesting)

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Andere namen van Krishna / Other names of Krishna

Govinda(One who pleases the Cows and the Nature)
Gopala(One Who Plays With the Cowherds, the Gopas)
Hari (the Lord of Nature)
Shyam (Dark-Complexioned Lord)
Devakinanda (Son of Mother Devaki)
Hrishikesh (the Lord of All Senses)
Jagadisha (Protector of All)
Keshava (One Who Has Long, Black Matted Locks)
Madhava (Knowledge Filled God)
Narayana (the Refuge of Everyone)
Murali (the Flute Playing Lord)
Prajapati (Lord of All Creatures)
Radha-Ramana (lover of Radha)
Shyamsundara (Lord of the Beautiful Evenings)
Vasudev (All Prevailing Lord)

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