video Krishna Das: waarom zingen?

Krishna Das vertelt waarom zingen voor hem eigenlijk altijd goed is om te doen
(en misschien voor jou ook wel :-)

Ramana Maharishi said, everything that is going to happen to us, everything, every single thing in our lives, the moment we’re born, it is written. There can be no deviation in that. I know this is scary, right? And he said the only freedom that we have, the only real freedom that we have, is in the moment, how we meet what arises in our lives. How do we react to it, how we deal with it, how we greet it into our lives. That’s the way he sees it.
rest van het praatje + vertaling volgt later

nog een stukje uit een interview op over hetzelfde onderwerp
Q = vraag en K.D. = Krishna Das

Q: you describe with great candor how you wandered away from your spiritual practice and into darker terrain. You eventually re-surrendered. That being said, my question to you is this: since then, when you have walked through momentary darkness or experienced a crisis in faith, how do you move forward?

K.D.: There are two things; first of all, if you’re doing some kind of regular practice, whatever that means to you, what happens over time is that you spend less and less time in negative states of mind. You may not notice that. It’s very difficult to notice. When you feel negative, part of the strength of negativity is you believe that it is going to last forever. When you are not in that state, you are just “being” and you might not even notice that you’re not in that deep, horrible place. Over time those karmic states arrive less and less; they don’t last as long and take you as deeply into the darkness. The work you do every day has a tremendous effect on your daily life.

Q: But when they happen in your daily life, what can you do?

K.D.: Well, when you are feeling these feelings and trying to practice whatever you do spiritually, you’re making a very big statement: “This is not who I am. I am experiencing this and it is unpleasant.” When trying to meditate or chant or whatever you do, you are saying, “this is not who I am and I want out.” But again, it’s not necessarily going to happen right away. But sooner or later, it blows away. You don’t know why it came; you don’t know why it went. The way we live everyday has a lot to do with what comes through into our daily lives. You know, another thing that Ramana Maharshi said, which is a very difficult thing to understand (…) he said that everything that’s going to happen to us is written from the day we are born. And the only freedom we have is how we meet each moment; where we are in our consciousness as each moment in our life arises and falls away. This is our only freedom. We have no option over what is going to happen: if the tree is going to fall on our house, if somebody is going to hit our car. This is out of our power. But where we do have a choice, where we do have freedom and options, is where our consciousness is at the moment. How we are living each moment? Are we just completely asleep, moving from one stupid reaction to the next? Or are we trying to remember in some way? Are we making that kind of effort to be in the presence and in the silence within ourselves. So the more you are making those efforts the less those things have the power to overtake us.

Q: So it’s really just about “showing up”?

K.D.: Showing up is the whole deal.

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