Artikel over Krishna Das op

Leuk artikel over Krishna Das (KD) op
Ook een leuke introductie voor als je niet weet wie Krishna Das is.

It’s the music you know and love, the songs that are playing on your car stereo, the ones playing at the yoga studio. But the chantmaster himself is right there in front of you (and several hundred others), pumping the harmonium and singing his heart out for his beloved Maharaji. And whatever that place is that he goes when he’s chanting, KD takes you right along with him.

Krisha DasEn leuke praatjes tussendoor, KD speaks:
We can learn a lot from relationships.  They can teach us a lot about ourselves, because they show us what we are not.  But relationships never last!…Love is not between people, it’s in us.”

“Maharaji (Neem Karoli Baba) didn’t give love. He was love. You were loved unconditionally. That’s what we’re all looking for. But who can give that? I can’t.  Only someone who is love can let you into that room. That room is your heart.” He said Westerners have a hard time believing this kind of love exists, but that it ”already lives in us. It’s who we really are. We just don’t quite know how to find it.”

Dus: bestel die kaartjes voor dat concert op 2 en 3 juli 2913 in Amsterdam.
Be there!

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