Krishna Das: “The Art of Kirtan”

Krishna Das: “The Art of Kirtan”
KD Talks and singing at Google.
Beautiful singing and words.

My Guru said: “Start singing!” He didn’t say anything about stopping.

We can’t think our way out of a prison that is made of thoughts.
We have to find some other way of getting out of jail.
To stop our obsessive thinking, our constant and ongoing self-judgement and evaluation.

I am singing for one reason: to save my  miserable ass, and for no other reason.

The audience is not here to listen, they are here to help me sing. I need them more than they need me.

It is not about trying to have any particular kind of blissful feeling of some kind. It’s about dealing with whatever arises.
People think that if they tried to meditate and they feel like shit afterwards it didn’t work. But if you really feel like shit it probably worked, because you were paying attention.

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